Military Intelligence Museum

The Military Intelligence Museum displays key elements of the history of British Military Intelligence from the Boer War forwards.
The central Collection in the Museum is the Intelligence Corps Collection, which includes artefacts and special exhibits about the history and activities of the Corps as well as two specific displays: one recording the Honours and Awards received by members of the Corps and the other 'In the Name of the Rose,' a memorial to Corps members who have paid the ultimate sacrifice in the service of their Sovereign and their country.
The second key Collection is the Medmenham Collection devoted to aerial photography and image analysis. This highlights the use of 3D imagery, initially in the first World War and then again with huge success in World War II and the Cold War.
Complementing these two prime displays are two smaller displays. These cover the joint service 'BRIXMIS' intelligence-gathering mission based in East Germany during the Cold War and the American radio intercept operations in Chicksands from 1950 until 1996.
A further highlight is the SOE display housing a comprehensive collection of artefacts brought over from post-war France and displayed in an innovative diorama with touch-screen displays bringing it to life. This display also commemorates over 600 members of the Intelligence Corps who served in SOE.
We have a small shop, selling intelligence-related books, collectables and even some souvenir chocolate to eat on your way home!
A separate building houses our Archives and further details of that service are shown here.
Visitors are warmly welcome and we can to take bookings for parties of up to 30. However, our location in a gated, working military barracks does mean that all visits have to be pre-booked. Once a visit is arranged, visitors should bring a valid ID with them (e.g. a valid passport or current UK driving licence) and book in at the guardroom. We shall then escort you to the Museum.
There are two steps to the front door along with separate wheelchair access. There are soft chairs in every room so that visitors can sit and relax whilst listening to a tour guide or just contemplating a display. We regret that for the moment at least, we are unable to offer any caf facilities.
Please allow two hours for your visit. It is not a large Museum, but there is lots to see. The Museum is probably not suitable for children under ten as there are limited attractions for younger children. However, we do have a quiz sheet and a 'find the Bear' game to amuse the younger children in your group, as well as a 'Junior Spy' interactive display.
If you have any questions after you have explored the many offerings on this website, or are thinking about visiting the Museum, then please don't hesitate to call us for a chat, or just send us an e-mail.
Finally, it is important to emphasise that this website is a new venture and development is a continuous process. So please come back and see us again. Also, let us know what you would like to see on our website and we shall see what we can do.
As we say, we are 'Sharing the Secret.' Come and see for yourselves!

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